Red Rocks Community College

Red Rocks Community College is basically a public college, which is located in the region of Lakewood Colorado state of the United States. The college offers the 2 years graduate degree programs to the aspirant and is the part of Colorado Community College System of the state. 

It was established in the year of 1969 and since then the college is offering the extensive range of the graduate programs in the state of Colorado. Initially, the college was open on a temporary basis, but later the first campus of the college was built in the year of 1971.

Red Rocks Community College

In the current scenario, the Red Rocks Community College is the fifth largest community college of the state. Being a community college it offers the education in the public domain and any candidate, who wants to study in the college can seek admission into it subject to the satisfaction of the eligibility criteria of the college.

Here in this article, we are basically going to cover all the important aspects of studying from the Red Cross Community College.

Here we will discuss the admission eligibility criteria, academic calendar, fee structure, etc of the college so that the interested candidates can make the most of the article and plan their studies in a similar manner.

Red Cross Community College Calendar

The academic calendar is an integral part of any college/school as the whole study session of the college is dependent upon the academic schedule. In a similar manner, Red Cross Community college also has its own academic calendar, which should be known by each and every student who is studying in the college.

Here below you can check out the whole academic calendar of the college for your own consideration.

  • Beginning of Summer Registration- November 5, 2018
  • 15 Week Class Last Date of Application-January 21 2019
  • Beginning of the First 7.5 Weeks Classes-January 22 TO March 13, 2019
  • Beginning of the 15 Weeks Classes-January 25 2019
  • Last Date of Dropping 7.5 Weeks 1st Session- January 29, 2019
  • Beginning of the Second 7.5 Week’s Classes Session- March 14, 2019
  • Last Date of Dropping 7.5 Week’s Classes-March 21 2019
  • Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday Holiday- January 21, 2019
  • Spring Break- March 25 TO March 31, 2019
  • College Development Day Holiday-April 16 2019
  • End of Spring Session- May 14, 2019
  • Last Date of Adding 8-9 Weeks Summer Classes-June 2 2019
  • Beginning of 8-9 Weeks Classes Beginning 
  • Last Date of Dropping 8 to 9 Weeks Classes-June 11 2019
  • End of 8 Week Summer Session-July 27 2019
  • End of 9 Week Summer Session- August 3, 2019
  • Memorial Day Holiday- 25 TO 27 May 2019
  • Independence Day Holiday- July 4, 2019
  • Beginning of Fall/Autumn 2019 Registration-April 1 2019
  • Beginning of 15 Weeks Fall’s Classes- August 16, 2019
  • Beginning of the First 7.5 Weeks Classes-August 19 2019
  • Last Date of Dropping 7.5 Weeks Classes-August 26 2019
  • Last Date of Dropping 15 Weeks Classes- September 4, 2019
  • Beginning of 7.5 Weeks Session 2nd Classes- October 10, 2019
  • Last Date of Dropping 7.5 Weeks Session 2nd Classes- October 18, 2019
  • Labour Day Holidays-August 31st TO September 2, 2019
  • Fall Classes Break- November 25-29 2019
  • Thanksgiving Day Holiday-November 28 2019
  • End of College- December 10, 2019

Courses Provided by the Red Rocks Community College 

Well, in the Red Rocks Community College you can avail almost kinds of the courses in the graduation stream. No matter whatever may be your academic background of study you can find the alike courses in the college for your further studies.

It is one of the major public colleges of the Colorado state which is known for its decent standard of education. Here below we are listing down the major courses that you can study from the college.

  • Accounting Courses
  • Automotive Technology Courses
  • Architecture and Engineering Courses
  • Art Courses
  • Business Technology Courses
  • Computer Science Courses
  • Art Courses 
  • Economics Courses 
  • Environment Studies Courses
  • French Courses
  • Nursing Courses etc. 

Well, there are more than 650 such courses which you can study from this college and you can also avail other certified courses as well for from the college.

Fee Structure of Red Rocks Community College 

The fee structure is an important aspect of any college in the perspective of all the students who are looking forward to studying any kind of course from this college. We all plan our budgets as per the admission fee structure of any college, in order to have admission into that college.

Keeping it in our consideration here we are going to provide you the fee structure of Red Rocks Community College.

  • The fee structure for the native Colorado state student 
  • Cost of Tuition- $3469
  • Books and Supplies Cost-$1800
  • Other Charges-$539
  • Cost of Living Estimated- $10332
  • Other Routine Expenses- $5490
  • Total Fee- $21630

Fee Structure for the Non-Native Colorado state student 

  • Cost of Tuition-$14434
  • Cost of Books and Supplies- $1800
  • Other Charges- $539
  • Cost of Living-$10332
  • Other Miscellaneous Expenses-$5490
  • Total Fee- $32395

So, this is the estimated fee structure of the Red Rocks Community College which is different for both native and the non-native students.

Faculty of Red Rocks Community College 

Red Rocks Community College is known as one of the most proficient colleges of the state which has a vast range of academic courses for the students. The college is equipped with highly experienced faculty base which offers a decent standard of education to the students along with the collaborative environment.

There is the special faculty for each and every stream of the courses so that students can be provided the same kind of studies environment. The faculty of the Red Rocks is known to provide flexible educational programs to the students and is highly acknowledged by the state study council.

Red Rocks Community College Job Opportunities 

If we talk about the job opportunities of the Red Rocks Community College then the college is considered best in the state of Colorado for providing the decent campus placement opportunities to the students. It means the students who have completed their educational program from the college can get the direct placement right from their college itself.

There are several hiring companies which conduct the campus placement each year at the college. The candidates who qualify the interview and the other eligibility criteria of the hiring company are awarded the jobs opportunities with decent salary package. We urge you to visit the campus of the college in order to have more information about the same. 

How To Apply For Job

Well, if you want to make the job application to work with the Red Rocks Community College then you can make your application for the same. The eligibility criteria for making the application can be checked either by visiting the campus of the college or by visiting the official website of the college.

The admission criteria must be satisfied by the students in order to make their application, and further, the candidates can make their application for the campus placement as well after finishing their graduate program.

Hostel and Other Facilities by the Red Rocks Community College 

All the students who study under the Red Rocks Community College are provided with the basic facilities in the course of their studies so that they can finish the course without any issue.

Here below are the facilities that you will get in college.

  • Separate hostels both for the male and the female candidates.
  • Internet facilities in the library 
  • Sports ground and the gym facilities 
  • Medical facilities for the students on a 24/7 basis
  • Banking facilities and the other canteen etc facilities.

Payscale of Red Rocks Community College 

There are the majority of the students who want to know about the pay scale of the Red Rocks Community College so as to make themselves aware of the career prospects after studying from the college.

Here below we are listing down the average pay scale that the students will get from the various posts of Red Rocks Community College or from the other colleges.

  • Operations Manager-$40318
  • Senior Staff Accountant-$47659
  • Academic Advisor-$39838
  • Web Manager-$78952
  • Marketing&Communication Manager-$84881
  • College Administrator-$43574
  • Assistant Professor-$61697

This is an average pay scale at the various posts of Red Rocks Community College. 

Contact Information of Red Rocks Community College 

We have tried to include almost everything that the students might need in this article yet if you are having any other query then we urge you to reach the admission officials of the college. There you can raise your direct questions and get them answered in the context of having an admission.

Here below you can have the contact information of the college.



Address- Red Rocks Community College
Financial Aid Office
13300 West 6th Avenue
Lakewood, CO  80228-1255

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