Pitt Community College

Pitt Community College is a United State based public community college which is located in the Winterville region of the North Carolina State. It is a public college which is owned by the government of the Pitt County and is the official part of North Carolina Community College System. 

Pitt Community College

The college was established in the year 1961 and is currently having more than 11000 students enrollment within one academic year. It offers the associate degree and the certificate degree programs in the various stream to all the aspirants of the state and the country.

You can avail the online courses classes as well from the college as it offers more than 3000 internet-based classes to the students, who can’t afford to come to the college and thus need the distance learning classes for themselves.

There are approximate 2700 types of the traditional courses in the offering list of the college which it extends to the aspirants. 

So, if you want to know more about Pitt Community College, then we urge you to read this entire article.

In this article, we will cover up all the aspects of the college to make your mind clear about getting the admission into the college as per your own preference. 

Pitt Community College Academics Calendar For the Year 2019-20 

If any of your friends or you yourself are studying in the Pitt Community College, then you are going to need the academic calendar of the college in order to manage your academic schedule in a systematic manner.

Here we are going to list down the academic schedule of the college for your consideration below.

  • Fall/Winter Semester of 2019
  • August 14- Date of registration for the semester 
  • August 15- Beginning of the classes 
  • August 15- Beginning of 8th-week classes
  • August 16- Beginning of the weekend’s college classes
  • August 29- Beginning of th3 14 weeks classes 
  • August 31 TO September 2- Labour Days off
  • September 13- Beginning of 12-week session
  • October 3 TO 6- Fall break 
  • October 12- End of 8th-week classes
  • October 16- Beginning of second 8th-week classes session
  • October 18- Thanksgiving Day Holiday
  • December 7- End of second 8th-week classes session
  • End of fall session- December 13
  • December 14 TO January 6- Break for the students 
  • Spring 2019-20 Classes Session 
  • January 3- Registration for the session 
  • January 6- Starting off the classes
  • January 6- Beginning of the first 8th week classes 
  • January 20- Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday 
  • January 21- Beginning of 14 weeks classes
  • February 4- Beginning of 12 weeks classes session 
  • February 29- End of 8th-week classes session 
  • March 3- Beginning of 2nd 8th-week classes term
  • March 8 TO 15- Spring break
  • April 10 TO 12- Good Friday Closed
  • May 2- End of 2nd 8th-week classes
  • May 5- Official end of the term
  • May 6 TO May 18- Break for the students 
  • Summer Term 2019-2020
  • May 18- Beginning of the registration 
  • May 19- Commencement of the classes
  • May 23 TO 25- Memorial Day holiday 
  • June 3- Beginning of 8th week classes session 
  • July 3 TO 5- Independence Day Holiday
  • End of the classes- July 29
  • Students Break- July 30
  • Faculty Break- July 31

Courses Offered by the Pitt Community College 

Well, there are several kinds of courses which you can study from Pitt Community College as per your preference.

If you are wondering as to what are those courses then here is the major list of the courses stream.

You can check out this list and then can accordingly choose the one for you among them. 

  • Arts & Science Division Courses
  • Business & Management Division Course
  • Accounting Programs 
  • Computer Application Programs
  • Information Technology& Computer Science Courses
  • Construction & Industrial Division Courses
  • Health Science Division Courses 
  • Public Services Courses
  • Law & Enforcement Courses

Fee Structure of Pitt Community College 

All the admission seekers and other people who want to have full information about the Pitt Community College must make themselves aware of the fee structure of the college.

The fee structure is a very important criterion of the college in order to make the full admission analysis about the college. 

  • Cost of Tuition for the same state residents- $1824
  • Cost of Books and Supplies-$1600
  • Cost of Living- $7850
  • Other Expenses-$5850
  • Total Cost Approximately- $17180 Per Annum

Kindly note that this is the annual cost of studying at the Pitt Community College for the students, who come from the same state of North Carolina.

The students who come from the other state will have to pay some more charges in terms of tuition fee and the cost of living as well.

Faculty of Pitt Community College 

Well, if we talk about the faculty of the college then here you will find the team of highly experienced staff and the faculties who are best at their own place. Each and every faculty knows and understands its given role very well, and shows a tremendous amount of cooperation with the students.

The classroom of the college is highly friendly and innovative which lets the students put their views ahead before the students. Both the online and the offline classes provide a great blend of the knowledge to the students, where they can make their dreams come true under the guidance of renowned professors.

Jobs Opportunities at the Pitt Community College 

If you are concerned too much about the jobs opportunities while studying in the Pitt Community College then you shouldn’t be doing it, since there is a decent job opportunity at the college. Each year the officials of the college conduct the college placement programs for all the students, who have passed out their respective courses from the college.

They can take part in the campus placement program and from there they will be directly placed at their desired job profile. You can check out the official website of the college to have more information on the campus placement program of the college and then you can accordingly make your application for it.

How To Apply For Jobs at Pitt Community College- Eligibility Criteria

Well, yes the passed out students from the Pitt Community College can make their application to work at the college for the different positions. It is actually depending upon the vacancies which may be available with the college and the eligibility criteria vary in accordance with the available vacancy. 

We urge all the students to visit the official website of the college and check out the specific eligibility criteria of the vacancy at the same site. Once you qualify the eligibility criteria of the college then your application for the job would be considered by the college.

Pay Scale of Pitt Community College 

The Pitt Community College offers a decent pay scale to the students, who have completed their education from the college and want to work with the college.

Here below we are going to provide you the list of pay scale of the college for your consideration. 

  • Program Director- $40K TO 90K
  • Administrative Assistant- $22K TO 44K
  • Bookstore Manager- $27K TO $52K
  • Adjunct Professor- $9K TO $37K
  • Assistant Director- $33K TO $57K
  • Research Coordinator- $40K TO $62K
  • Retention Specialist- $35K TO $61K

So, this is the annual pay scale of the Pitt Community College for its several job profiles and you can make the application for the one as per your academics background.

Hostel & Transportation Facilities of the Pitt Community College 

Cost of living or the hostel facility is the major part for the fee structure of the Pitt Community College, hence it is something that every student of the college should be aware of.

The hostel facility of the college is quite decent for all the candidates, who are studying into the college which is open both for the interstate students and the intro students as well. 

The cost of hostel for the same state students is cheaper in the comparison of the students, who belong to the other student. It is always advisable for the far distance students to book the hostel facilities within the college, which will offer them an enhanced sense of convenience. 

Further, the students can also use the transportation facilities of the college, which is open for the ease of all students. You can use the transportation facilities of the college to commute from any place of the state to the college at quite affordable prices.

Here below is the contact information of the college, which will help you to reach the admission officials of the college and also in raising your query.

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