Middlesex Community College

Middlesex Community College is basically the public college which is located in the Massachusetts state of the United States. It is one of the oldest colleges in the country, which was established in the year 1970 and is currently the prominent college of the country. 

The college offers extensive degree programs to the students studying under it, and there are as many as 57 associate degree programs that the students can undertake from it. You can also study more than 25 certificate programs from the college in addition to the degree programs.

Community College

There are two main campuses of the Middlesex Community College which are located in the Lowell and the Bedford region of Massachusetts state. James Mabry is the current president of the college and there are around 13000 credit students along with the 7000 non-credit students in the academic year of 2014-2015. 

So, if you are looking forward to studying any of the degrees from the Middlesex Community College and want to have more information about the college, then you are the correct article.

Here in this article, we are going to provide you all the required information, which will help you in having enough information about the college so that you can accordingly plan your admission from the college.

Middlesex Community College Calendar 2019 

Well, here in this section we are going to list down the complete holidays and the term dates schedule of Middlesex Community College for the year 2019.

If you are a student of the college then you are supposed to have a look at this schedule and keep it in your consideration. 

  • January 1 – Holiday 
  • January 16- Faculty Meeting or the Spring Convocation 
  • January 17 To 18- Change in Program Day 
  • January 21- Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • January 22- Beginning of spring semester
  • February 18- President Day
  • March 9 To 15 – Spring Recess Holidays
  • March 16- Resumption of the Weekend’s Classes 
  • March 18- Regular classes resumption 
  • April 19&20- Holiday
  • May 9&11- Final Examination Scheduled 
  • May 13- Beginning of Summer Session 
  • May 27- Memorial Day off
  • July 4- Independence Day off 
  • August 15- End of the summer season
  • August 26- Beginning of Autumn and the meetings of facilities 
  • August 28- Change in Program Day
  • September 2- Labor Day Holiday 
  • September 3- Autumn Session Classes 
  • October 14- Columbus Day Holiday
  • November 11- Veteran’s Day Holiday
  • November 28- Thanksgiving Day
  • November 29&30- Holidays
  • December 13- End Day of Classes 
  • December 16&17&18- Final Examinations
  • December 19- Winter Recess Begins
  • December 24&25- Holidays Closing of the College 

So, this is the complete holidays and the term dates schedule of the Middlesex Community College which is supposed to be known by all the students studying under it.

Courses In Offering By Middlesex Community College 

As we have already discussed that there are more than 57-degree programs in the offering list of the Middlesex Community College for the students.

Here we are going to list some of the major programs of the college for the consideration of all the students. 

  • Accounting Programs 
  • Business Administration Programs
  • Criminals Justice Programs
  • Management Programs
  • Liberal Arts& Science Program
  • Psychology Programs
  • Fashion Designing & Merchandise Programs
  • Human Services Programs 
  • Computer Forensics Programs
  • Paralegal Studies Program
  • Life Science Concentration Programs
  • English Literature Programs 
  • Fine/Performing Arts

Here above we have only covered the offerings of the major programs of the college that students can choose. We advise all the students to visit the official website of the college to have more information about all the degree and the certificate programs of the college.

Fee Structure of Middlesex Community College 

The fee structure is the significant aspect of any college as we all want to study in such a college, whose fee can be afforded by us. Middlesex Community College is known for its economical fee structure programs, and this is the reason why the majority of the students seek their admission into this college.

Here below we are providing you the fee structure of this college so that you can make your own analysis.

  • Combined fees of registration and tuition- $12121 Per Year
  • Cost of Books and other such supplies- $1290
  • Health Insurance Fee- $1879
  • Total Annual Fee- $15290 Per Annum 

Kindly note that the above-mentioned fee structure is the annual fee structure of the Middlesex Community College. It doesn’t include the cost of living for the candidates hence they need to calculate that fee in separately.

Faculty Members of Middlesex Community College 

Well, as we have already discussed that it is a well-recognized college of 
Massachusetts state of the United States. Here you will find the best-experienced faculty which is having the years of teaching experience in the subjects of concerned programs. Each and every faculty is clear about their goals and they accordingly impart the world class of education standard to the students. 

There are few notable alumni who have taught under the Middlesex Community College, such as the Calvin Kattar who is a professional mixed martial artist player and Rady mom who is a well-known politician and the state legislature of Massachusetts.

The quality of education standard is the prime focus of the institution and you won’t find any compromise in that context here.

Middlesex Community College District Job

As we know that Middlesex Community College is a state-based college which is operating in the state of Massachusetts. The students who study any of the programs from this college are eligible to apply for the various kinds of district jobs within the district or the state.

The best part of studying into the college is that the students are provided the direct placement opportunities in the campus of the college. Each and every year there visit the several hiring companies to hire capable candidates and to grant them the job offer.

You can take part in such placement programs of the Middlesex Community College and seek the job right from the college’s campus.

How To Apply For Middlesex Community College Jobs 

Well, there is no such complicated process of making your application for the jobs. All you have to do is to just register yourself for the campus placement once your studies are finished from the college.

Further, it’s depending upon the hiring company to set the eligibility criteria for the candidates and the candidates have to take a look of such criteria.

The candidates who qualify the eligibility criteria are entitled to take part in the interview session of the college and from there they will be directly placed for the jobs. 

Admission Eligibility Criteria of Middlesex Community College 

All the aspirants who are looking forward to studying under the Middlesex Community College must make themselves aware of the eligibility criteria and satisfy it, in order to take admission into the college.

Here below you can read the admission eligibility criteria of the college.

  • First of all the candidates need to have a valid social security number. 
  • Secondary the candidates must be a United States citizen or the citizen from its trust territory.
  • The candidate must be having satisfactory academic progress and there shouldn’t be any kind of default in the payment of student loan.
  • Candidates must be complying with the state government regulations and the registration requirements as well.
  • Candidates must have the high school diploma along with the certification of the homeschooled.

Hostel Facility by Middlesex Community College 

The students of the Middlesex community are offered all the basic facilities to the students who are studying any graduate or the certification program of the college.

The purpose of providing such facilities is to facilitate the students to finish their studies without the lack of any basic facilities in the course of their education. 

Here below are the basic facilities that you will get in this college. 

  • Hostel and the mess facilities.
  • Playground along with the gym facilities 
  • Library facilities with the internet 
  • Medical facilities for the health of students.
  • Other Banking transactions facilities for the students.

Pay-Scale of Middlesex Community College 

So, if you are willing to work in the Middlesex Community College after your education or you want to work with some other hiring companies then you need to know about the average salary package of the college.

The package actually differs from the one hiring company to the other yet here we are providing you the average pay scale of the college for the various posts below. 

Quality Assurance Manager $72,000
Accountant $60,500
Executive Assistant $77,500
Software Analyst $120,000
Parts Manager $50,000
Machinist $100,000

Contact Information of the Middlesex Community College 

Well, here in this article we have tried to cover all the information to provide to all the admission seekers into the Middlesex Community College. Yet if there is anything which is left unanswered, then we urge you to reach the admission officials of the College and here we are providing you the contact information of the same.

Phone-  860-343-5719
Address- Middlesex Community College
100 Training Hill Rd.,
Middletown, CT 06457

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