Lane Community College

Lane Community College is a public 2 years degree program college which is located in the Oregon state of the United States. The college basically offers the 2 years degree program to the aspirants in the various streams and for that reason, it can also be considered as the degree college. 

Being the public college it is open for all the aspirants who want to undertake their degree in the desired stream. It was founded in the year of 1965 and in the current scenario it has become the major college of the region, which contains more than 26000 students in an academic year.

The college is basically affiliated from the Association of American Colleges& Universities and offers plenty of the associate degree and the certificate programs.

You can seek your admission into the college and study your desired degree course at the affordable price range, and with the decent standard of education. 

We urge all the readers to go through this entire article in order to get the appropriate information about the Lane Community College. The information will assist you to consider the college for the admission purpose in a decent manner. 

Lane Community College Calendar 

The calendar of any college is an important aspect which should be studied by all the students, who are studying under a particular college. In a similar manner, the calendar of Lane Community College also holds its own relevance.

Here below is the calendar of the college which is compromised of the term dates, and the other events of the college for the year 2019-20.

Summer Term For 2019 

  • May 2019- Beginning of the registration for the summer term 
  • 24 June- Beginning of the summer term
  • 4 July- Independence Day Holiday 
  • 2 September- Labour Day Holiday 
  • 14 September- End of the Summer Term

Autumn/ Fall Term 2019

  • May 2019- Beginning of the registration for the fall term
  • 26 September- Staff in Service Day/Closed
  • 30 September- Beginning of the Term
  • 6 October- Last Date of Receiving the Fund
  • 11 November- Veteran’s Day
  • 22 November- Schedule Changing Day
  • 28 November- Thanksgiving Day Holidays 
  • 9 December- Final Week of Season
  • 14 December- End of the Term
  • 16 December- Break for Winter

Winter Term 2019-2020

  • October 2019- Beginning of the Registration for the winter term dates.
  • 1 January- New Year’s Day Holiday 
  • 6 January- Beginning of the Term
  • 12 January- Last day of receiving the fund
  • 20 January- Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday 
  • 17 February- President’s Day
  • 21 March- End of the term
  • 22 March TO 29 March 2020- Break until the spring season begins

Spring Term 2019- 2020

  • February 2020- Beginning of the registration for the spring term
  • 30 March- Beginning of the spring term
  • 5 April- Last day of receiving the fund
  • 1 May- Spring Conference Day
  • 25 May- Memorial Day Closed
  • 13 June- End of the term
  • 13 June- Graduation Day

Courses Offered By The Lane Community College 

If you are wondering as to what are the courses that you can study from the Lane Community College, then for your information there are the plenty of the streams in which you can study the courses.

Here below we are listing down some of the major streams for your consideration. 

  • Accounting Programs
  • Business& Management Programs
  • Consultancy Programs
  • Computer Networking& Science Programs
  • Database Management Programs
  • Criminal Justice Programs
  • Arts & Hotel Management Program
  • Cyber Security Programs
  • Medical & Dental Hygiene Programs
  • Energy Management Programs

So, these are just the major programs that you can study from the college and all the detail information about the courses catalog of the college can be checked at its official website.

Fee Structure of the Lane Community College 

The fee structure is the other important subject matter about the college, which should be discussed in a detailed manner.

The fee structure is something which concerns all the students and here you can check it for your own consideration.

  • Cost of Living- $8847
  • Cost of Books& Supplies- $1389
  • Cost of Tuition- $3942
  • Other Expenses- $ 2538
  • Total Approximate Cost- $17244 Per Annum

Kindly note that this is the approximate fee measure of the college for the students, who are living in the state of Oregon. The students who come from the other states can expect the higher cost which may be around $22662 per year.

Faculty Members of Lane Community College 

Well, there is a huge faculty base and the administrative staff in the Lane Community College, which has been well defined in accordance with the various studies streams of the college. The faculty is highly experienced in their own respective field with the well amount of teaching experience.

In nutshell, the faculty base of the college is highly experienced and is committed to imparting the world class standard of education to the students.

The staff of the college shows the commendable amount of coordination and the cooperation to the students in order to make the education more of a fun to them. 

Jobs Opportunities at Lane Community College 

The job opportunities at the Lane Community College are always high as the college invites the various hiring companies to conduct the campus placement program. The purpose of the campus platform program is to recruit the students, who have finished their courses from the college and are looking for job opportunities. 

Further candidates can also make their application to work with their desired companies for the work, as the college is one of the most prestigious colleges of the state thus there are decent career opportunities within the college.

How To Apply for Jobs- Jobs Eligibility Criteria of Lane Community College 

Well, there is no as such fixed job eligibility criteria at the Lane Community College and since the college conducts the campus placement thus the eligibility criteria are set by the hiring companies.

You just have to take part in the campus placement of the college and there you will be informed about the eligibility criteria of the company and then you can accordingly make your application for the job. 

Moreover, you can also make your own application to work with the Lane Community College at the various post of it. The eligibility criteria of the same can be checked at the official website of the college.

Pay Scale at the Lane Community College 

If you have no idea about the pay scale of working at the Lane Community College, then here in this section we will provide you with a basic idea about it. You can check the pay scale of the college below for the various posts of the college.

  • Adjunct Professor- $13K TO $61K
  • Academic Advisor- $26K TO $43K
  • Police Chief- $58K TO $114K
  • Associate Dean- $83K
  • Director of Facilities- $69K
  • Deputy Director- $73K
  • Vice President- $133K

So, this is the approximate pay scale of the Lane Community College which is paid by the college to its various base of staff. 

Hostel & Transportation Facilities of Lane Community College 

Just like any other public college of the state the Lane Community College also offers the hostel facilities to the students. The hostel facility of the college is open to all the students who live in the state of Oregon and also to the other state’s students as well.

The hostel facility is the main part for the fee of the college, which is generally higher for the non-Oregon state student than the native students and you can accordingly opt the hostel facilities of the college. 

The transportation facility is also extended by the college to the students, who don’t have their own conveyance of commuting from their destination to the college. The transportation facility is available at very reasonable prices for the convenience of the students

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